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Preliminary Program


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1 Month


3 Days

Per Week

1.5 Hours


What You’ll Learn

Module 1 – Introduction on Digital Photography

History + Intro + Camera Structure & Accessories

35MM SLR, DSLR, Mirrorless Cameras & Types of Sensors

Module 2 – Resource for Working with Camera

Lens - Basic Fundamentals of Lens & Type of Lens

Shutter - Concepts & Function

Aperture - Concepts & Function

Exposure Setting - Meaning, Techniques & Setting the Correct & Shutter Speed

Digital Image Sensor - Megapixel, ISO Setting, Exposure Latitudes

Depth of Fields & Factors that Affect it

Module 3 – Master of Lighting


Characteristics of Light

Natural/Artificial Source of Light

Quality of Light

Angle of Light

Module 4 – Refine Your Photography Technique

Auto - Exposure Settings in Camera

Module 5 – Flash Photography Technique

Studio Practical Session for Portraiture

Module 6 – Practical Session

Studio Introduction/Practical Session

Outdoor-1: To Cover Basic Camera Handling, Panning Techniques, Effects of Shutter Speeds

Apertures: It is a 2 Hour Session

Outdoor-2: To Cover Portraiture in Outdoor Sunlight, Use of Reflectors, Macro Photography, Freezing of Actions. It is a 4 to 5 Hours Outdoor Session

Indoor Session: Indoor Session Conduct on a Regular Basis During the Lectures and When the Concerned Topics are Covered Students Get a Chance to Handle Cameras According to Time Availability

Studio Practical: Use of Studio Flashes, Soft Boxes, Reflectors, Id Card/Passport Size Photograph Setup, Basic Modeling Setup