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Our Team


Mr. Nayan A Choksi (Founder of Maxmedia)

Founder Of Maxmedia Studio and Academy, by qualification commercial art, recently done assignment with AKSHAY KUMAR also done Surat’s biggest event SANKALP SE SAFALTA and many more other corporate event.

The journey of Nayan Choksi started with small jobs that had an average salary of Rs. 500 a month. As his vision grew, he began to look at the bigger picture and realized that he want to give something to society and he has only motive that what you imagine that you can make it and come up with beautiful and memorable idea. Through hard work, dedication and determination he got one of his dreams come true by establishing his own professional photography studio Maxmedia.

Nayan choksi says his vision is to provide the best knowledge, youth build up and society development, he also wants to make employment and progress till he builds the best collage in India.

Our Faculties

Mr. Bhavesh prajapati (Master of Photography)

Bhavesh is a highly experienced photographer, with 16 years of experience in photography and 11 years of dedicated service at max media Studio. He has a strong expertise in celebrity photography, candid clicks as well as corporate events. His work has been widely praised for its stunning composition and innovative lighting techniques.



Client Serving

Team Leading

Photo Angle Judgment

Bible of Photography Course

Mr. Niraj Gohil (Video Crafting and Drone Director)

Niraj is a talented video editor and drone handler with experience in fast photo and video editing. He has gained over 100k followers on one of his YouTube channels, making him an increasingly sought-after professional in the industry. His technical expertise paired with his knowledge of the latest trends gives him an edge when it comes to creating videos that capture attention and draw engagement.


Drone Shoot

Video Editing

Fast Video Crafting

Good Client Serving

Mr. Sunil Sunchu (Advocate of Photoshop)

Sunil is an experienced Photoshop artist with a specialty in album design and photo manipulation. He has been working on Photoshop for six years and is proficient in creating stunning kids photos, pre-wedding edits, and exotic filming. His work displays an eye for detail as well as technical skill. Sunil hails from Hyderabad, India and brings his expertise to clients worldwide.



Color Grinding



Graduating in 360 Editing Tools

Mr. Kangkan Bora