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With our photography school you will have the opportunity to learn from professional photographers, gain hands-on experience, and work with photographers who are in demand. We only accept students with a passion for photography, not just a love for it. By working closely with our instructors, students are able to receive feedback on their work from professionals who pride themselves on providing honest criticism. This is a great way for students to improve their skills as quickly as possible, impress employers, and get started on their career path.

If you are looking for the best photography course in Surat, then this is the right place to be. At Maxmedia Studio we train students on key aspects like lighting, exposure and natural light. We let students explore their creative side by sharing their own vision with the world through their camera. You won’t find better teachers than us.

To apply for admission in the photography course, you must have sufficient knowledge and experience of taking pictures. You must be able to choose and understand a subject correctly, using composition and lighting according to the desired effects. To apply for admission in the photography class, you must pass an extensive exam which is carefully examined by our experts and finally approved by the administration.

The course is offered in two levels, Basic and Advanced courses. The basic course focuses on the fundamentals of digital photography, while the advanced course goes further into more advanced topics. Admission for these courses are based on the following criteria: 1) passing a test on digital photography 2) willingness to learn 3) online application 4) some project work based on exercises provided in the course.

There are many options for reasonable accommodation and food near the school, so you can select the best fit for your needs and dedicated assistance available from the institute.

All courses at MAxmedia offer reasonable pricing and the equipment uses comes with it.
The only thing you need to pay for is the camera, lenses, books and other things. School offers a lot of different photography courses for students.

After taking the course, you will know the basics of photography, how to choose a camera and lens. You’ll also learn how to use your camera and take photos step by step.

Certainly, we offer a camera and camera tools course at our school but to do practice stuff. You can choose to take this course as a stand-alone course or on top of your regular photography class. If you take the class as a stand-alone then you will learn the basic knowledge needed to use your camera, how it works and how to compose a photograph. This class also covers imaging principles and composition techniques for both still photography and video production.

Maxmedia media school just 20 min away from Surat railway station.

Yes, the transportation is available for the students. There are a lot of local high-class buses for the students’ support and local cheap auto rickshaw facility available. Apart from that we are just 20 mins away from Surat railway station and 5 min far from Adajan Gujarat gas circle.

Help is guaranteed. We are here to help you learn the best ways to build a career in photography and media. Dedicated Top tier teachers are looking forward to working with you.

The course is designed to help you get into the field of Photographic Technology including learning various techniques and equipment available in the market. After completing your course, you will be able to apply for positions like photography assistant, photography freelancer, photo editor or photographic sales person after your course.

Fees divided into what course you want to do. There are 4 major courses: Basic course, Moderate course, Advance course, Exclusive doctored course.

Dedicated team will help to find the perfect suggestion according to individual skills and expertise.

-Surat offers a lot of opportunities for those who want to study photo video designing and photography.
-Surat is a hub of small and medium enterprise so a lot of Business units and businesses are available in Surat.
-Surat is textile hub of India and in textile there is nothing more important than quality photography.

We are using different software for different work
For photography editing: Adobe Photoshop CC
For Video and film editing: Adobe Premiere pro