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Global Mastery Program


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12 Months


3 Days

Per Week

2 Hours


What You’ll Learn

Advance Videography + Advance Photography

Use of DSLR/mirrorless

Exposure - meter modes, techniques, histogram and metering modes

Lenses - primes and zooms and their types, lens filters

Focusing techniques, focus marking and depth of field

Frame rate, types of shutters, video systems and aspect ratio

Tripods, monopods, light - stands, modifiers, reflectors and mirrors

Recording audio with different types of recorders with accessories and audio levels

White balance, picture style, contrast and dynamic range

Lighting setups and compositions

Video editing for covered topics using Adobe Premiere CC

Shooting and editing workflow

Camera angles

Picture profiles, log setting and cine look

Manual focus kits, auto focus technologies and techniques

Different types of stabilizers, slider and action

Types of external mic, voice recorders and their uses

Setting up multi cam setup

External screen, recorder - functions and advantages

Video editing on adobe premiere for topics covered

Workflow for shooting & editing

Total 100+ sessions

Practical assignments

Practical internship